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BOUND4BURLINGAME is a camping and outdoor forum that invites people to share experiences, recipes, tips, hints, trends, humor, DIYs, gear and gadgets, pictures, ideas, product recommendations, events and knowledge.  We like to say that our website and network of social sites are "For Campers, By Campers", but really our content is for ALL campers, outdoor enthusiasts and adventurists! 

Budget conscious nomadic travelers unite! If you're a camper, you know our choice of hobby is a far cry from a "cheap" vacation in the woods. In my childhood, my cousins and I grabbed a sleeping bag and headed for the hills to sleep under the stars. We packed a flashlight, a Pb & J sandwich, and some marshmallows.... and we survived just fine. We returned home dirty, hungry, mosquito bitten, scraped up....and happy! As adults, "roughing it" has morphed into many of us being plugged in, wired up, and decked out with whats trending in camping gadgets and products.

Unfortunately, like many others, I just don't have money to spend on all that cool fancy stuff! That's not to say it doesn't make it interesting to look at, or dream about...and I'm sure there are plenty of people that spend lots and lots of cash on anything that eases the pain of "roughing it"....but that's not me.

With that in mind, our mission is to aid campers and outdoor adventurers by providing a variety of relevant "stuff" that will enhance their recreational hobby....NOT empty their pockets. But, that doesn't mean I'm not going to post a $250 solar powered blender link...because I will....because anything relevant to camping is fair game here.

Our Bound4Burlingame.com website focuses on the many aspects of planning a camping trip to Burlingame.  Our many social pages were created with Burlingame fans in mind, but have morphed into a way to connect with the general population of camping and outdoor enthusiasts. 

The world wide web and the influence of ever expanding social networks are essential to growing the concept of Bound4Burlingame.  So, as virtual trends change, we will attempt to follow. It may be two steps forward, one step back... as long as we are heading in the right direction.  Please fall into the conga line. 


So, first of all. I have to tell you...there's no "we" behind Bound4Burlingame.  It's just me, Laurie. Bound4Burlingame is my pet project...my time consuming-what did I get myself into- labor of love.  That's right, I don't get paid for any of this.  And since I do not have any professional web design experience or developer degree, the Bound4Burlingame website and social pages are a slow, ongoing process.

"Share in the adventure, by sharing your adventures."...that's my quote.  And I felt that way long before I dreamt up the concept of Bound4Burlingame.  I guess you could call me a people person...or you could just say I don't like drinking by the campfire alone.

I'm a 54+ year old divorcee with two (now legal adult) kids...and a cat (two actually,because I can count the neighbor's.  cat who pretty much lives here) ...and a private fire tender boyfriend of quite a few years.  I grew up hiking, fishing, camping and tending to various barn animals in the farmlands of Melrose, CT. My dad built a 2nd home in Mad River Valley, VT when I young and The Long Trail literally was in our backyard....beckoning to me and my cousins regularly.  It was my mom who trudged the trails and slept under the stars with us...and she instilled unto me the love of the great outdoors. (Read a tribute to her here in my poem "The Camping Mother")  I'm fortunate to have both my parents still living and active. I also have two older sisters who I don't get to see a lot of since they live in distant states :(

The name "Bound4Burlingame" was an easy choice for this project. Burlingame is in close proximity to the beaches (another love of mine) and during the vast majority of days April-October, all my friends knew I was "Bound for Burlingame".  Sun and surf by day.  Campfire by night...with friends. So if you find yourself aching for the sounds of nature and you can't resist the smell of singed hair, come sit by the fire.   There's always room for one more.