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This "unofficial" website was created to entertain and to aid past, present and future visitors to Burlingame State Campground and the South County area.

We do not promote rule breaking.  However, we are fully aware that some people want and need an  "over 21, adult-like" camping or vacation experience. Be warned...behave, or there is a good chance you will get tossed out of the park! It is stated in park rules that alcohol is prohibited. We hate when people trash the campground publicly after being asked to leave because of their own bad/obnoxious behavior. And, if another campsite is out of control, we suggest calling the office, not "handling" it yourselves. Cheers.

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We are here to help you and are happy to recommend campsites that match your needs.  However, all Burlingame campsites are first come-first serve by reservation via ReserveAmerica or by walk-up at the Burlingame Campground Facility.  Although we provide information on Burlingame campsites, you can not reserve campsites/cabins/shelters directly on BOUND4BURLINGAME.com.

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